The Sametic Foil for nappy bins

The Sametic Foil designed to refill original cartridges bins for diapers. Refilling with the foil is reducing the costs up to 87% (depending on the nappy bin manufacturer).

Designed for nappy bins:

Tommee Tippee®:
  • Nursery Essentials™
  • Sangenic® Hygiene Plus
  • Nappy Wrapper
  • Nappy Wrapper Maxi
  • MK3
  • MK4
  • MK5
  • Captiva
  • Captiva Deluxe
  • Captiva Comfort

a dále:
  • Litter Locker® I
  • Litter Locker® II
  • Litter Locker® Plus
  • Playtex® Diaper Genie
  • Windeleimer Startplus
  • Vital Baby

Save hundreds of EURO!

Baby uses per year hundreds of diapers. That means up to 90 cartridges for some bins. Usually, children use the potty from the age of 2.5 years. During the "nappy time", you can save up to 586 € (depending on the type of bin and cartridge price).

The Sametic Foil is strong and perfectly prevents the escape of odors from diapers. Sametic foil is also impermeable for water. The film is without chemical treatments and is therefore hypoallergenic . Because we do not use chemical treatment and complete oxidation of Sametic Foil this breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. Thanks to that, using of Sametic Foil more saves the environment. The foil is produced in the Czech Republic since 2011 and it's BPA free.

Arrest odor and save hundreds - use Sametic Foil!

STOP the odor

Strong tight HDPE foil.

Free delivery

Order for 77 € and we pay the delivery.

No chemicals

The foil is build from carbon and hydrogen. It's hypoallergenic.

Quick use

Our innovative SKID 2 helper for refilling the cassettes saves your time.

Made in Czech republic (EU)

We simply love the quality.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Products can be returned for any reason within two years!